Horse Betting Tips


This page contains just few tips are just a starter tips. If you have more horse betting tips to add to this list, please post them here via our comment form.

We're going to add the best tips to this list, so don't forget to leave your name, website, etc. We're really looking forward to seeing if we can come up with the world's most definitive list of horse betting tips right here in this space. When we get to 100, I'm going to translate them into dozens of languages.

Horse Betting Tips

  • Probably one of the easiest tips is to know your horse's history, bet on past winners.
  • Same goes for jockeys, bet on past winners. Experienced jockeys have the edge in longer races.
  • Take a look at the horse's recent schedule, horses that haven't run recently tend to be a bit rusty.
  • Much like boxers, beware of horses that just moved up in class, they generally start out at a disadvantage.
  • Keep an eye out for fast starters, they have an edge on slow tracks.
  • Pick your races carefully, don't feel like you should bet every race.
  • Watch movements in the odds, a big change right before the race starts can mean a good bet.

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